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Ghostrunner is getting a new roguelike mode in a future update

It will also be receiving an assist mode that will offer a more relaxed experience.

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Hack-and-slash Ghostrunner is expanding once more this Summer with the addition of two modes: a new roguelike Wave Mode and a less challenging Assist Mode.

The Wave Mode (which you can sign up for a closed beta for) is a rougelike mode where players are given randomly-generated upgrades whilst slashing their way through 20 waves of enemies. The Assist Mode, however, relaxes the difficulty and makes for a more relaxed point of entry by enabling you to sustain more hits from enemies.

In other related news, it was recently revealed that Ghostrunner will slash its way onto next-gen consoles before the end of 2021. A sequel was also announced for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series, but details on it are pretty slim at present.


Thanks, IGN.

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