Kill to Collect

Ghost in the Shell meets Binding of Isaac in Kill to Collect

We talk to Pieces Interactive about their upcoming cyberpunk roguelike.

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We caught up with Pieces Interactive's David Rosen and Robert Lazic to discuss the upcoming action roguelike co-op title Kill to Collect.

"It's an action roguelike with 1-4 player co-op," says Lazic. "You play as a bounty hunter, it's melee focused combat. Very intense, you can't really breathe in combat you need to analyse the situation and basically take it on as quick as possible."

"For the world [we've been inspired by] Battle Engine Alita, Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell," says Rosen. "80s manga inspired mostly. Cyberpunk obviously. As far as the gameplay goes Binding of Isaac and Spelunky, but with a topdown view and in 3D obviously."

"We're using synthwave licensed music," adds Lazic. "It really fits the theme, which sets the 80s mood through and through."


This interview was conducted a little while ago, and Kill to Collect has gotten a release date on Steam and it's actually coming out this week (April 6).

Kill to Collect

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