Gfinity's Spring Cup finals heading to Disney World

ESPN's Wide World of Sports Complex is hosting 16 players.

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Gfinity has announced that the Gfinity FIFA 2018 Spring Cup Live finals will take place at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort this weekend, making it the first time that Disney is hosting an esports event at this venue, showcasing the top 16 players from the US, Canada, and Mexico.

"The live finals of the Gfinity FIFA 2018 Spring Cup needed a venue designed for a first-class experience, and we couldn't be more excited to have our event take place at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex," said Bryan Healy, Chief Strategy Officer of Gfinity. "Several of the online qualifiers have had success against Europe's top esports pros, and we know the live finals will deliver two champions who can take the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 by storm."

These 16 players racked up the most G points - won by good performances in matches - during qualifiers, and now they're here to find out who can be the best in the PS4 and Xbox division. If you're interested in knowing exactly who is competing, you can find the list below:

Xbox One

1. GoalMachine 21
2. PSG Fiddle
3. Dylan Jr
4. FoB Tigre
5. AlanAvi
6. RodrigoRuz
7. Alekzandur
8. TheDivineCS7

PlayStation 4

1. Joksan__
2. UZ13L
3. PersianKing10
4. Rein10
5. Didychrislito
6. Xbleu
7. Arsenalgoal11
8. Alphaa-Rex

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