Gfinity Elite Series Season 3 kicks off tomorrow

Featuring more teams and new games.

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Gfinity's Elite Series competition has already had two seasons already, and the good news is that a third is coming tomorrow with a few changes, one of the biggest being that CS:GO is now out of the tournament while FIFA 18 has come in, and that 10 teams are now battling instead of eight.

In FIFA 18 all eyes are on strong sides Unilad and Hashtag United, the former of which have FIFA Interactive World Champion Gorilla under their umbrella. Unilad in fact are starting the competition against Epsilon, while Hashtag United are facing Vitality.

In terms of Rocket League though, last season's unbeaten team Reason are now out of the competition, but there should be a whole load of action from the likes of other teams like Method, who are also considered incredibly strong. Street Fighter V promises to be just as interesting as well, featuring EnVy who are returning to defend their title against teams like Method and Infused.

The action will kick off from 10:00 GMT every Friday and Saturday from now on, and if you needed reminding, there's a prize pot of £250,000 at stake. Who do you think can excel this season?

Photo: Gfinity

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