Gears of War 4

Get your own Lancer from Gears of War

Be aware: it's only a replica.

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Collectors and Gears of War fans just got another reason to part with their hard earned money, as a replica of the iconic Lancer rifle/chainsaw is being sold on Amazon.

It requires no ammunition nor fuel (except batteries), and it's a harmless collector's item. We expect it could still cause some pain if force fed to someone, or if you were to use it to poke a locust in the eye. The Lancer costs $149.99 dollars, and here's what it says about it on Amazon:

- Officially licensed by Microsoft
- Hand finished and painted Gears of War 4 1:1 prop replica / Adjustable sight, levers, triggers and switches
- Included removable and functional flashlight
- Features illuminated LED lights
- 4 C batteries and 3 AAA batteries required (not included) / Dimensions: 41.7" L X 5.1 W X 13"H, weighs 10.5 lbs.

It starts shipping in USA November 1, and we don't know if it will be available here in Europe at any point. If so, would you want one? If not, would you be prepared to pay the shipping costs?

Gears of War 4
Gears of War 4

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