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Get up to speed on all the new features for The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, which is out on PC today

The console launch is planned for June 21.

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Today marks the official PC release date for The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, the next major expansion for ZeniMax Online's MMORPG. Taking players to the homeland of the Bretons, this expansion features a wealth of new narrative and features, so to make sure you're up to speed on everything that is on offer, we've created this short rundown.


First things first, this expansion will continue the Legacy of the Bretons storyline that began back in March with the Ascending Tide DLC. In the High Isle expansion however, we'll get to further explore this narrative by heading to the Bretons' homeland to experience the chivalric society that they live in, a society that is on the brink of war.

We're told to expect a storyline that boasts 30 hours of unique story content that will take players to a bunch of unique locations across High Isle, which has never before been experienced in The Elder Scrolls. What will this include you ask? Majestic castles, dangerous jungles, and towering white cliffs that all make for a truly picturesque zone to explore.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle
The Elder Scrolls Online: High IsleThe Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

As for what else High Isle will be serving up, we can look forward to a couple of new companions, new Public Dungeons, World Bosses, Delves, even brand new World Events called Volcanic Vents. And this is on top of a 12-player Trial called the Dreadsail Reef, various stand-alone quests, hosts of quality of life improvements and updates, and the introduction of a card-based mini-game called Tales of Tribute.

This is an in-game collectible deck-building mini-game that tasks players with competing against NPCs or other players at various taverns around Tamriel. It's said to be fast-paced and tactical, and even supports leaderboards so you can flaunt your talent across the entire server. There will of course be rewards for winning Tales of Tribute, as well as collectibles and achievements, so be sure to pull up a chair, pour some mead and give it a go.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High IsleThe Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

But as this is a major expansion, The Elder Scrolls: High Isle will be providing plenty of other opportunities, many of which you'll discover by simply diving in and exploring what the Breton homeland has to offer. And you can do so today, on PC that is, as the High Isle expansion launches on June 6 for PC, Mac, Steam, and Stadia.

Console players won't have to wait too much longer however, as High Isle will be coming to PlayStation and Xbox in a couple of weeks, on June 21.


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