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Get the gamertag you've always wanted on Xbox Live

If you've always wanted a more generic gamertag then now is the time to strike as MS unveils new feature.

Getting a decent username on any popular service can be a hassle because all reasonable names always are taken. Therefore, you always end up calling yourself "Kill4h_B33z_1978" or something similar - you all know the struggle. Now Microsoft has decided to solve that problem on Xbox Live, and starting now you can call yourself whatever you like (still nothing offensive, though).

And that also includes using different alphabets (like Hangul, Katakana, Hiragana and Thai). If you want to use a gamertag that is already taken, Microsoft will automatically number it for you with smaller ID suffix of numbers after your name to still keep you unique. This basically means you can now be Major Nelson on Xbox Live if that's what you've always wanted.

Head over to Xbox Wire if you want to know more about this new feature. If you already have the gamertag you want, there's no need to do anything, or as Microsoft puts it:

"If you like your gamertag the way it is or have had it for years, nothing will change and no one will be able to use it without an assigned suffix.

If you see a player with no suffix, that means that player was the first to ever claim that original gamertag, like our very own Major Nelson."

Will you use this opportunity to get a new gamertag?

Get the gamertag you've always wanted on Xbox Live

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