Fallout 76

Get started with your Fallout 76 adventures

Here's how you can make the most of your early hours in the wasteland.

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Unless you've neglected your Gamereactor reading, you'll know that Amazon's Fallout series has premiered, that it's been a huge success and that this in turn has led to a huge boost for Fallout games, with the highly radioactive wasteland of Fallout 76 in particular being flooded with adventure-hungry Vault Dwellers.

However, the game premiered six years ago and has since been significantly upgraded, expanded and generally improved. This in turn means that it is not entirely obvious how to get started with your adventure, even for anyone who has played before. Therefore, Bethesda has now produced a thorough briefing with some nice tips on which skills to choose, how to reason about your weapons, a description of your C.A.M.P. and how to optimize your XP gains.

Many of us on the editorial team have returned to Fallout 76 recently and have been amazed by both the friendly and helpful community and how far the game has come since launch, and we can attest that many of Bethesda's tips are really useful.

Have you returned or will you return to Fallout 76 - or is it time to dip your toes in for the first time?

Fallout 76

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