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Borderlands 3

Get some free Halloween skins for Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is celebrating the spooky season by giving away free skins to its players.

So far, we've mostly been getting Golden Keys with Shift codes for Borderlands 3, a great way to quickly get more powerful guns for free. But the Shift codes can be used for other DLC as well - like Halloween skins. And that is exactly what Gearbox now has announced on Twitter:

"Whether you're celebrating 10 years of Borderlands or the Bloody Harvest, kick off the festivities right with these ghoulishly gruesome Halloween heads!


Active until November 4 at 11:59pm PT. Redeem in game or via"

If you are playing as Gunner, you'll want this one as it is by far the best of these four new skins, or what do you think?

There also another Halloween themed event going on in Borderlands 3, called Bloody Harvest, which we previously have reported about. Below the picture of the new skins is a video that shows what to expect from Bloody Harvest.

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