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Get more storage on a Samsung Galaxy S23 when you pre-order

A nice bonus for anyone who knows they're going to get the phone already.

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Samsung is reportedly offering substantial pre-order bonuses for its upcoming Galaxy S23. If you're considering a pre-order, the most eye-catching deal is one that'll grant you the larger storage variant of the phone while only making you pay the price of a smaller variant.

If you were to order a S23 Ultra 512GB, for example, you'd only be paying the cost of an S23 Ultra 256GB variant. This means you could net yourself a saving of around £100 as well as a good chunk of extra storage.

Unfortunately, right now the offer is only available in the UK and Germany, and there's no idea on if it will expand to other regions. Also, this information has been leaked online and not yet confirmed officially by Samsung, so don't go wild with your pre-orders just yet. Though, the leak does come from Samsung's official business site, so don't take the information with as much salt as you would with a leak from another source.

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Get more storage on a Samsung Galaxy S23 when you pre-order

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