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The Sinking City

Get Frogwares' spooky games cheaper starting today

The studio announces Halloween sales for both The Sinking City on Nintendo Switch and Sherlock: Crimes and Punishments on PC.

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With Halloween around the corner, several publishers and platforms are kicking off their thematic sales as soon as today. One of them is studio and publisher Frogwares, with the company applying some discounts to a couple of its more thriller-ish games.

The most recent would be the just launched The Sinking City for Nintendo Switch, which currently shows as a 34,99 € download at the Nintendo eShop, after a 30% discount that will expire on November 3.

Much bigger is the discount applied to the not-so-recent Sherlock: Crimes and Punishment, which gets 75% off on Steam from today until November 1, and 80% on GOG from tomorrow until November 4. Apparently, other PC titles by the Ukrainian studio will enter the sale on both platforms.

Will you sink your teeth into the Switch horror adventure now it's cheaper?

The Sinking City

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