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Sea of Thieves

Get free Noble Spartan Sails in Sea of Thieves

Make sure to drop in a get your rewards from November 24th onwards.

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Sailing in style is extremely important in Sea of Thieves, and now Rare has revealed that they will help you with this for free, starting November 24, as a part of the Xbox 20th anniversary celebrations. Just by playing the game on the dates below, you are entitled to both the Spartan Ship Set and the Noble Spartan Sails. Beware that the times are GMT as Rare is a British developer:

12am Nov 24th - 4pm Dec 1st: The original Spartan Ship Set
12am Dec 1st - 4pm Dec 8th: The new Noble Spartan Sails and Flag

If you want to check out the goods already, you can do so in the short trailer below.

Sea of Thieves

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