Get Cuphead toys when eating at Arby's

Sadly, there are no Arby's in Europe, but we are sure that these collectibles will soon surface online.

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Unfortunately, there are no Arby's in Europe, but it is one of the biggest sandwich chains in the US with over 3,300 restaurants. So why are we informing you about his? Well, Studio MDHR has now announced a collaboration with Arby's and if you somehow are in America right now despite the Covid-19 misery, then head over to a restaurant to get "all-new Cuphead toys with purchase of a Kids Meal."

Head over to Arby's official Twitter account to take a look at what you'll get by eating there. If you've somehow missed Cuphead, the most stylish game of the generation, then head over here to take a look at our review.


Thanks Siliconera

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