A Plague Tale: Innocence

Get a taste of the soundtrack for A Plague Tale: Innocence

A new video shows us some of Olivier Deriviere's music, as well as a speed painting of Amicia from art director Olivier Ponsonnet.

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A Plague Tale: Innocence is gearing up for launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 14, but to get us ready for the journey Asobo Studio and Focus Home Interactive have released a brand new video in which we get to hear the work Olivier Deriviere has done with the soundtrack.

What's more is that this comes with the work of art director Olivier Ponsonnet, who produces a speed painting of Amicia while we get this taste of the soundtrack.

Deriviere has produced soundtracks for games like Vampyr and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, so he has plenty of experience bringing games to life on the audio front, and you can get a 12-track sound selection on vinyl as part of PS4 and Xbox One pre-orders at certain retailers.

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A Plague Tale: Innocence

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