Get a jump on the competition with Twisted Minds latest FHD monitor

We've made the device the focus of the latest episode of Quick Look.

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While a lot of the latest monitors tend to look toward the most modern developments in the technology industry and use them to combine 4K graphics with high refresh rates, the folks over at Twisted Minds seem to realise that getting these monitors to work at their limits is likely beyond what most people's computer setups can achieve, and has instead favoured a return to the Full HD panel instead.

This can be seen in effect with the Twisted Minds 24-inch FHD IPS monitor that we've made the focus of the latest Quick Look episode. This is a flat display IPS panel working at 1920x1080p quality, all while offering a refresh rate of 100Hz and a 1ms response time for fast and smooth gameplay.

To learn more about the monitor, be sure to check out the latest episode of Quick Look below, where our very own Magnus shares a ton of facts and thoughts about it.


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