UFO 50

Get 50 games for the price of one in UFO 50

This indie title is literally 50 smaller games that make up one larger game.

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We've seen a few different arcade collection titles over the years, but more often than not these are just ways to collate various smaller, standalone, and older titles and ensure they can be offered up to fans without needing a physical arcade cabinet. Indie developer Mossmouth is taking this idea and running away with it.

Because at the Day of the Devs showcase, Mossmouth just shared another glimpse at UFO 50. This is a game that is made up of 50 smaller games that span a variety of different genres, are offered in an 8-bit aesthetic, are made to be standalone, are playable either alone or with friends for around half of the available titles, and all of this while being connected by an overarching story.

As Mossmouth puts it: "There is also a backstory that the games were developed by a fictional company called UFO Soft." As for how else the games are each connected, you'll just have to wait to play UFO 50 yourself when it debuts on PC on September 18, 2024.

UFO 50UFO 50
UFO 50UFO 50
UFO 50UFO 50

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