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Germans can finally enjoy Wolfenstein 3D

It's a long time coming for German fans, as the 1992 classic has made its debut in the country.

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There are several sayings like "long time coming" or "better late than ever", and these are very fitting today as we can now celebrate that our bratwurst loving friends in Germany can finally enjoy playing and buying Wolfenstein 3D - a game that came out 30 years ago.

It premiered in 1992 but was banned in Germany because there were so many Nazi symbols in the game and that's a big no-no in that country, which maybe isn't that surprising given their dark history. It wasn't just Wolfenstein 3D that was banned but also the expansion Spear of Destiny which came out many years later, in 1997 to be precise. However, in 2019 the ban was lifted, but even more bureaucracy still stopped players from enjoying the game.

Now the day has finally arrived and history has been written as everyone will get to play as B.J Blazkowicz and kill off the Nazis in the mighty castle Wolfenstein. Congratulations to all of Germany's gaming geeks.

Germans can finally enjoy Wolfenstein 3D

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