Empire State

Gerard Butler is fighting in the Empire State Building in his next movie

If you've seen any of Butler's latest films, you can probably get the gist of what this will be too.

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Gerard Butler has almost single-handedly proved that there is still a huge interest in classic one-man army movies where a lone hero takes on huge numbers of enemies (and often some government conspiracy to boot), and triumphs.

They were very popular in the 80s in particular but have since gradually disappeared. But Butler's Has Fallen film series has shown that the concept is still very popular, and he also scored big in Den of Thieves (which gets a sequel later this year) and last year's Plane (which also has a sequel on the way, called Ship).

And apparently the one-man army is something Butler wants to continue, because Deadline can now reveal that his next project will be the action-thriller Empire State, directed by Christian Gudegast - who also made Den of Thieves (and was screenwriter for London has Fallen).

Here, a group of terrorists led by a vengeful military contractor have attacked the Empire State Building, but luckily one of the firefighters is a Navy SEAL. This, of course, is Butler, who has to rescue the hostages (among whom we find a police chief named Dani, with whom he has a shaky relationship) and probably kill at least a dozen terrorists along the way.

Perhaps not the most original premise, but we're sure it will be entertaining. What do you think of Butler's action flicks?

Empire State

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