George R.R. Martin signs eight-figure contract with HBO

Still no word on The Winds of Winter though.

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We already know that HBO already has five different projects in the pipeline related to Game of Thrones, and now it seems that the television network is preparing for even more spin-offs. According to The Hollywood Reporter Martin has now signed a new, major contract with HBO that will span five years and be eight figures in value, and this is to produce even more series linked to Game of Thrones.

For those of us who are in perpetual waiting times of The Winds of Winter, the news comes as a real gut punch. The author has since been notorious for taking a long time, but the latest book has suffered from exceptionally many and long delays. Hopefully, it'll be good in the end - but be prepared for a long, long wait.

George R.R. Martin signs eight-figure contract with HBO

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