The Flash

George Clooney is not the DCU's main Batman

Despite the surprise appearance recently.

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If you haven't seen The Flash just yet, we'd suggest going and watching that movie before continuing to read this news story, if you want to avoid spoilers. That being said, if you have seen the film, let's talk about that surprising cameo at the end of the movie.


Ever since George Clooney popped up at the end of The Flash, replacing Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton as Batman in whichever timeline Ezra Miller's Barry Allen is currently in, many have wondered if Clooney's take on the Dark Knight will be the main one in James Gunn's DC Universe. Gunn has since set this record straight.

When asked if Clooney will be the guy going forward, Gunn stated: "He is not."

This leaves the door open for yet another Batman to take the lead in the upcoming Brave and the Bold film. Who would you like to see cast in that movie as Bats?

The Flash

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