Lego Horizon Adventures

Geoff Keighley opens Summer Game Fest with Lego Horizon Adventures trailer

Coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and PC in late 2024.

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The day has arrived. Summer Game Fest 2024 kicked off its two-hour programme with Geoff Keighley taking to the stage and claiming the value of developers, especially those who have been affected by layoffs. He also highlighted the work of indie developers, who are the real engine of the industry today. And then it was time to start with the games.

The first was the confirmation of the most recent rumours about a Lego game based on the PlayStation Horizon series.

Lego Horizon Adventures turns Aloy and the huge robotic creatures of her post-apocalyptic world into a fun adventure made of plastic blocks. Frivolities aside, the premise of building and managing the settlements, as well as encountering the robots and seeing how she deals with them with that healthy dose of comedy means I'm already excited to try it out.

Lego Horizon Adventures will also be coming to PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation in late 2024, at a date to be confirmed. You can see it's first trailer below.

Lego Horizon Adventures

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