Genki announces electrical plug-sized Switch dock

Ever wanted to switch your big, bulky Switch dock out for a smaller version? Genki has announced the dock for you.

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For being considered a portable device, the Switch's dock sure is a bulky gadget. The dock is needed to play your favourite Nintendo games on your TV or stream gameplay to viewers online but the Switch dock is expensive and not as portable as frequent tournament players or casual players wanting to bring the Switch over to a friend's house for some Super Smash action want it to be.

Hardware manufacturer Genki knows this and has come up with a nifty, compact solution to the problem with the 'Covert Dock'. This dock is ten times smaller than the original (approximately the size of an electrical plug or a cable converter) but does the same job. To use it, you simply plug the device into a wall and charge your Switch and gadgets through two USB ports on the front (one USB, one USB-C) and plug your HDMI cable into your TV. It's that simple.

You can check the upcoming Switch dock out right here.

Genki announces electrical plug-sized Switch dock

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