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Heroes of the Storm

Gen.G wins the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship

Korean champs take out Dignitas in the finals at BlizzCon.

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Gen.G emerged victorious at the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship which took place at BlizzCon over the weekend, with the South Korean team defeating Dignitas in the finals in front of the crowd at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The final was actually a rematch of June's Mid-Season Brawl in Jönköping, where Gen.G edged a close 4-3 series. It was a similar story at BlizzCon, although the result was different as it ended as a 3-0 sweep to Gen.G this time around.

That said, there were some tense moments during the final, with the eventual champions at one point mounting a 3% Core defence before pushing Dignitas back until they were eventually able to win the game. The 3-0 win earned the team the coveted title and the $500K first prize that comes with it.

Heroes of the Storm
Photo: Blizzard

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