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Gen.G launches Player Wellness Campaign

This is all about personal and mental health for not only esports pros, but also gamers in general.

Esports organisation Gen.G has revealed the Player Wellness Campaign, focused on physical and mental health as well as "financial responsibility" for esports players, with support from LA Fitness and Simple Habit providing resources for Gen.G members.

"Maintaining a high level of gaming skill can be both physically and mentally demanding. We want our players and fans to be well rounded in all aspects of life," said Martin Kim, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Gen.G Esports. "Through this Wellness campaign, our goal is to develop a healthier generation of gamers and instill a mindset of self-improvement."

The Los Angeles HQ, which opened earlier this year, is built with all of this in mind, featuring rest pods, LA Fitness memberships, personal trainers, and more. In fact LA Fitness is due to share fitness tips for gamers too, with Simple Habit also launching a full curriculum for stress points with gamers and streamers.

"With the rapid growth and popularity of esports, it's important for both professional and casual gamers to practice a healthier lifestyle," said Andrea Ojeda, Vice President of Marketing at LA Fitness. "We are excited to partner with Gen.G to address the importance of living a more balanced life."

"Lack of sleep and mental burnout are just a few examples of challenges currently impacting gamers and their young fanbase," adds Ian Yung, Head of Marketing at Simple Habit. "We believe that taking just five minutes to use Simple Habit can help young players and fans to unwind and de-stress. We're thrilled to take this step with Gen.G."

Is this a good idea?

Gen.G launches Player Wellness Campaign

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