League of Legends

Gen.G Esports are the LCK Spring Finals champions

Yet another team is confirmed for MSI 2024.

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Not only did the League of Legends EMEA Championship's Spring Finals come to a close over the weekend, but so did the League of Legends Champions Korea's Spring Finals. This means that another victor has been confirmed and also an additional team has been locked in for the Mid-Season Invitational.

Gen.G Esports has kicked off its 2024 campaign by claiming this tournament for its own. The result also sees Gen.G affirmed for the MSI's Bracket stage, while the second-placing T1 has landed a spot in the MSI Play-In stage.

While the LCK will soon be back for its Summer Season, MSI 2024 will come first, as that will start as soon as this May.

League of Legends

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