Randal's Monday

Geek adventure Randal's Monday launches on PS4

Check out the launch trailer inside.

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Nexus Game Studios is a young Spanish indie developer that released a nice little geeky adventure called Randal's Monday just over a year ago. It contains a lot of references to stuff only true geeks will understand - and there's plenty of referential comedy that cracks jokes at the expensive of Star Wars, Star Trek, Clerks and of course plenty of video games. The game was released for PC and Mac and will be out for PlayStation 4 today. You can read our review of the PC version over here, and then check out the new trailer.

Randal's MondayRandal's MondayRandal's Monday

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Randal's Monday

REVIEW. Written by Martin Eiser

"This adventure includes so many references to comics, movies, series and games, it's a miracle the studio still managed to make a game out of it."

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