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Gecco releasing a Dark Souls Siegmeyer figure

Only San Diego Comic-Con attendees can pre-order it though.

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If you're a Dark Souls fan you'll no doubt have come across Siegmeyer of Catarina, made famous for his onion-shaped helmet, and Japanese company Gecco will be making a collectible figure of Siegmeyer, which you can see here.

The bad news is that this 37cm tall figure is only available for San Diego Comic-Con attendees to pre-order, but if you're going, then you can get your hands on this figure, created in accordance with developer From Software, for the price of $299.99 USD, which equates to around £232.48.

"It was entirely sculpted by hand, and the chainmail of the prototype seen under the armor was woven and produced in the same way as real armor, using small metal rings," the product page says. "The battle scars all over the body accumulated during his adventure are finely recreated with skillful sculpting and painting. The slit of the helmet is not simply filled, but actually sculpted like a real helmet, which allows you to see the never revealed Siegmeyer's face in the game."

Is Siegmeyer one of your favourite NPCs in Dark Souls?

Dark Souls

Thanks, VG247.

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