Gears Tactics

Gears Tactics runs in 4K and 60 frames per second for Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series S will also run in 60fps, just at the lower resolution of 1440p.

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One of the draws for the release of Xbox Series S and X is Gears Tactics. A tactical take on the Gears of Wars universe in the vein of Xcom, but with plenty of new additions as well. We really enjoyed it when it was released for PC back in April, and the console version will be even better with a couple of new additions.

Now the developers, Splash Damage and The Coalition has revealed more about Gears Tactics for Xbox from a more technical stand point in an interview with The Verge. It turns out Gears Tactics for Xbox Series X runs in a solid 4K with a framerate of 60fps (frames per second), although you can view cut scenes in 30fps instead if you prefer that, "not for any performance reason but more for just personal taste" according to the developers.

Xbox Series S runs the game in 1440p and 60fps, while Xbox One X has two options; 4K and 30fps, or 1440p and 60fps. Finally there's Xbox One S that runs Gears Tactics in 1080p and 30fps. As you can see, the Xbox Series S and Xbox One X can both run the game in 1440p and 60fps, but it turns out this does not mean they are the same. Cam McRae, technical director at The Coalition, explains:

"It is better on the Series S. It's visually better — same resolution, same frame rate, but the CPU is so much better in the Series S and the Series X that we have a lot more ability to just draw more stuff. Even though the GPU is responsible for drawing, we still have to get it there off the CPU, and on the Xbox One X you'll see that the visual quality is not quite as high as it is on the Series S in the performance mode."

Something to look forward to perhaps, and it is of course included with Xbox Game Pass.

Gears Tactics

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