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Gears Tactics

Gears Tactics is still in the works despite E3 no-show

It might not have got any stage time during Microsoft's big E3 presentation, but it's still in the works.

During Microsoft's press conference earlier this week we saw rather a lot of Gears 5 (ironically, without seeing much at all) and we also got to see some Gears POP!, however, there is a third Gears game in the works and that one didn't feature at all.

That's right, Gears Tactics didn't make an appearance on the evening, which prompted questions for The Coalition's Rod Fergusson, how accordingly confirmed that the tactics game is indeed still in development.

"Last year we wanted to really talk about all three games and show that Microsoft is tripling down on the Gears of War franchise," Fergusson told Kotaku. "But now that we've had that we're really trying to make sure it's not always this three-pack... We'll talk about Gears Tactics later."

Splash Damage are handling this tactical spin-off title, although there's no word on when we can expect the game to hit PC.

Gears Tactics

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