Gears of War becomes a feature film at Netflix

And an animated series is also coming.

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One of Microsoft's biggest franchises is now confirmed to be made into a feature film after months of negotiations behind closed doors as Gears of War is coming to Netflix. The company will be working closely with the game's developer The Coalition and is currently looking to cast people for the project. But the ambitions don't stop there, because alongside the live-action film, an animated TV series will also be produced, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, it's reported that both projects will be strictly R-rated.

Hollywood has long been trying to bring Gears of War to the silver screen in one form or another, but after the failure of New Line Cinema in the late 2000s and then Universal in the mid-2010s, the project has been put on hold. Until now. Exactly when Netflix hopes to have the film and animated series ready is still unclear but we will of course report further on the whole thing as soon as new details are made available.

How stoked are you for some yummy, über-violent, R-rated Gears of War action?

Gears of War becomes a feature film at Netflix

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