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      Gears of War 3

      Gears of War 3 expands

      Horde Command Pack.

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      Microsoft and Epic have confirmed the first expansion of Gears of War 3 - called Horde Command Pack. You're getting quite a bit of content for your 800 points (free with the Gears of War 3: Season Pass). The DLC contains three new maps (described under the screens below), three new playable characters, two new weapon skins, and 250 new achievement points to gain - as well as new Horde fortifications.

      Gears of War 3
      Azura - This island resort was once the exclusive domain of Sera's educated elite, but the tranquil water gardens and lush foliage have become a hotly contested combat zone. Dual snipers overlook a powerful explosive weapon, while the defensive central platform may be your last resort of retreat.
      Gears of War 3
      Blood Drive - The Jacinto Medical Plaza was overwhelmed by evacuated citizens after the government-sanctioned Hammer Strikes, and the ensuing riots quickly turned this safe haven into a dangerous inferno. An abundance of high ground and funneled choke points make this map a returning favorite to Horde.
      Gears of War 3
      Rustlung - Once the pride of the Royal Tyran Navy, the foredecks of this decommissioned battleship are now riddled with bullet holes. Any team with the fortitude to hold the exposed central torpedo bay will find that the ship's Loader has been replaced with a battle-ready Silverback mech suit.
      Gears of War 3
      Three new characters. From the left: Big Rig Dizzy, Onyx Guard and Bernie.

      The new fortifications for Horde mode are as follows:

      • Command Center - A brand new type of fortification that allows you to call in fire support from sniper teams, mortar strikes and even multiple Hammers of Dawn.
      • Decoy Upgrade - A new fortification level that turns your decoy into an Onyx Guard bot that will fight in your defense.
      • Sentry Upgrade - This upgrade adds a fire bolt sentry that deals much more damage and is very effective against Berserkers.
      • Silverback Upgrade - This advancement allows you to upgrade your Silverback exo-suit with devastating rockets and extra levels of repair cost reduction.

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