Gears 6

Gears 6 seems to have entered full production

The Coalition is hiring a lot of people right now for important positions.

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Ever since the very first Gears of War was released in 2006, we have never had to wait more than three years for a new installation in the series. Until now.

The last game in the franchise was Gears Tactics from 2020, and now it's 2024 and we don't even have a new title announced - although we know that The Coalition is working on a new title developed with Unreal Engine 5. And it seems like the production has really started to move lately, as discovered by Idle Sloth on X.

No less that eight really important roles like a Technical Gameplay Designer, Associate Producer and Level Artist have been filled recently, which likely indicates that Gears 6 has entered full production. Hopefully this means we could see the first sign of life later this year or 2025 at the very latest.

Gears 6

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