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Gears 5

Gears 5's frosty official controller has been leaked

The new controller design takes the franchise in another colour direction toward a purer ice-white and away from the iconic red and Gears 4's blue.

The design of the official Gears 5 controller has been leaked online. Reported by The Gamer, the design features an icy look, using some of the same details as the Gears 4 JD Fenix controller, mainly in the use of the stamped metal design, only this time in a polar white colour scheme, based on the Gears 5 protagonist in Kait Diaz.

Some of the more standout aspects of the design are the blue analogue sticks which immediately catch your eye when looking at the controller. On top of this, the iconic symbols in the Gears franchise are plastered all over the device, with the Phoenix Omen being placed below the Xbox logo, the Crimson Omen symbol appearing on the charger station and the Locust logo being stamped on the back.

The full image of the box art for the appliance was initially leaked by Twitter user, Idle Sloth, who managed to get their hands on the product somehow. Considering there has been no official announcement of the product release by Microsoft yet, it is possible this isn't the final design, although with what is shown in the image, it seems otherwise. A further in-depth look was later released by Twitter user, Walking Cat, in an image that shows the charging station for the device.

What do you think of the Gears 5 controller design?

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