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Gears 5

Gears 5 to hit 120 FPS in multiplayer on Xbox Series X

The Coalition's brutal title will also have a higher particle count on Xbox Series X than on PC.

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The Coalition had plenty of details to share regarding Gears 5 for Xbox Series X yesterday in a stream called Inside Unreal. It turns out they have really tried to improve the game, which will even have higher settings than PC Ultra in some cases, and additions like multiplayer in 120 FPS (a good excuse to get a new TV!). Here's what to expect specifically for Xbox Series X:

Contact Shadows
- This allows extremely realistic shadowing as each pixel on screen traces back to the light source to eliminate any shadow biasing artefacts or fill in missing shadows.
Screen Space Global Illumination gated from UE4 4.24
- This feature allows us to achieve full real-time GI at 60fps/4k.
SSGI's AO pass replaces the more traditional SSAO giving a much more naturalistic broad real-time AO.
Higher particle counts.
- Our particle counts are 50% higher than PC Ultra Spec
Real Time Cinematics in 4K 60FPS
- Xbox One Cinematics were 4K 30FPS
Investigating 12OFPS Multiplayer support

Beside this, these are the settings brought over from the PC-version:

  • Higher resolution textures

  • Improved anisotropic filtering

  • Higher-resolution volume fog

  • Higher quality depth of field

  • Extremely far draw distances with high level of object detail

  • Shadow resolution and shadow distance

  • High-quality screen-space reflections

  • Post processing improvements like bloom, lens flare, light shafts, ect.

To sum it up, it sounds like it might be a good idea to boot up Gears 5 when Xbox Series X is released to play some Horde and check out the overall graphical improvements, as they seem to be pretty major.

Gears 5

Thanks Wccftech

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