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Gears 5

Gears 5 is "profoundly more responsive" on Xbox Series X

The performance results of Gears 5 running on a Series X show a severely reduced input latency.

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The Canadian developer, The Coalition has proven themselves to be very tech savvy with stunning games, and Gears 5 has been somewhat of a poster-boy for both Xbox One X and the backwards compatibility for Xbox Series X. Now they've been at it again, tweeting that we can expect "a profoundly more responsive experience" when playing Gears 5 on the new console as they have severely reduced latency.

They have compared the game running on an Xbox One X with the Xbox Series X and their results show a 36% reduced input latency for the campaign and a whopping 57% playing multiplayer. This is of course is a big improvement so you will notice the difference, making the somewhat sluggish and heavy series perform on par with the best first person shooters out there.

Gears 5

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