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Gears 5

Gears 5: Hivebusters trailer reveals launch date

Lahni, Keegan and Mac take on a suicide mission in a campaign that will last around three hours next week.

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It's safe to say that The Coalition hasn't abandoned Gears 5 to solely focus on Gears 6. The game has gotten an impressive upgrade on the Xbox Series and recently launched the massive Operation 5: Hollow Storm in multiplayer, but that didn't stop the developers from announcing that they were also working on a campaign expansion called Hivebusters back in October. They didn't want to share much more than that back then, however. Fortunately, we know a lot more now.

Gears 5: Hivebusters will launch on December 15 and marks a first for Microsoft by being available on Xbox Game Pass from the get-go. It will, as expected, let us play as Lahni, Keegan and Mac from the Escape mode when they take on their first mission; to destroy a Swarm hive that may hold the key to saving Sera on the tropical Galangi islands. Not that we'll only have to slaughter Swarm, as the new trailer also gives us a tiny look at another kind of enemy. It's a good thing that the trio has upgradable Ultimate Abilities then.

The expansion is said to take approximately three hours to complete, but you can probably extend that time by going for the 16 new achievements (210 Gamerscore).

Those who don't subscribe to Xbox Game Pass (Why? It's fantastic deal!) can either pay $19.99 for Hivebusters or buy Gears 5: Game of the Year Edition for $59.99 the same day if you don't own the game yet. This version includes the Hivebusters campaign expansion, Halo: Reach Character Pack and 30 days of boost.

Gears 5

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