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Gears 5

Gears 5 hardware revealed for Xbox

Including a Limited Edition Xbox One X console, a Kait Diaz controller, a keyboard and mouse combo, and more.

It was only last month that Gears 5 held its multiplayer betas to give fans an early taste of what awaits on September 10, but now the official Xbox website has revealed even more good news, as hardware is coming themed around the game as well, including the first Limited Edition Xbox One X bundle since the Project Scorpio version.

This is designed by The Coalition and the Xbox Industrial Design Team, available for pre-order today. It features translucent casing and laser-etched cracks on the surface, which is icy white as you can see below, and there's a golden locust symbol on the back too. This comes with the Kait Diaz Limited Edition controller, a download of the game as well as the other four numbered titles, and one-month of membership to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. There's even the Ice Kait and Ice Jack character skins in-game too.

On top of that there are also standard edition Xbox One X and S Gears 5 bundles, and the post gives us more details on the Kait Diaz controller too, featuring a similar design to the console, a textured trigger grip, and rubberised diamond grip. This is available for pre-order as well, although this is coming on August 20, featuring the Ice Kait character skin too, and you can even charge it on the Limited Edition Kait Diaz Xbox Pro Charging Stand from Controller Gear, again with the same visual design. Pre-orders start today at GameStop for this product, although you can expect it on August 27.

That's not all though, as there's a Gears 5 Edition of the Razer Thresher for Xbox One as well, with a design you can see below, and more details are set to come ahead of this headset's release in September (you'll get a bonus in-game item and Lancer weapon skin if you invest too). Those who like keyboards can also expect a Gears 5 Edition of the Razer Turret keyboard and mouse. This features a built-in mouse mat, and you can read more about the specs here.

Lastly, we have the Gears 5 Special Edition of the Seagate Game Drive too, featuring the design you can see below, 2TB of memory, and USB 3.0, meaning you can get this rather than clearing space on your console for the upcoming game. This comes with a Lancer weapon skin, Supply Drops in the game, and one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate too. GameStop even has a 5TB version as well, if you need more storage.

What hardware will you be getting?

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