Borderlands 3

Gearbox will reveal the future of Borderlands next week

Here we will hopefully find out what's next for the series beyond Borderland 3's final DLC.

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With all the regular avenues for games canceled this year, a lot of companies are hosting their very own events. Next in line to do this is Gearbox, as they have announced a digital showcase for next week where will get to know the plans for Borderlands after the final expansion has been released:

"Gearbox is going to be hosting the Gearbox Digital Showcase during #PAXOnline on September 12th at 12:45pm PDT/3:45pm EDT/8:45PM BST! Tune-in then to see what's coming next in Borderlands and from Gearbox Publishing!"

This means Saturday next week. Two days before the release of the fourth and final expansion Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck. We assume they won't abandon the game as it has become a huge hit and has been kept alive as a live service-title. We should probably not expect Borderlands 4 to be announced, but rather a second Season Pass and/or more minor DLC for the foreseeable future.

Borderlands 3

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