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Borderlands 3

Gearbox teasing yet another game for PAX East

We got a tease yesterday that strongly pointed to Borderlands 3, but something else might be on the way when Gearbox comes to Boston.

Gearbox Software is the master of the art of teasing, as just yesterday we reported that they were pointing to a reveal of something at PAX East in Boston on March 28, which would be part of their "never-before-seen-reveals" at the event, and they're not stopping there.

The developer proclaimed on Twitter that it was "Time to tease another game for PAX," before providing the following picture:

Borderlands 3

We have no idea what this is, but it seems like it's away from the main Borderlands 3 announcement teased before, since it's a little more low-key. With only a picture to go on, we'll let you decide what it could be, and wait patiently for the reveal later this month.

What are your guesses?

Borderlands 3

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