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Borderlands 3

Gearbox teasing yet another game for PAX East

After hinting at Borderlands 3 and another game this week, we have something else to look forward to when they get to Boston.

Gerabox Software have been teasing Borderlands 3 for a long time, but they turned up the heat when they tweeted a message that urged fans to prepare for a reveal at PAX East on March 28, which was followed by another tweet teasing another game later in the week.

Now we've come to a third game that Gearbox is tantalising us with, as they took to Twitter once again to post the following image:

Borderlands 3

Again, we don't know many details on this, but since they're preparing never-before-seen reveals for the event in Boston we don't have too long to wait until we see everything they have in store for us, Borderlands or otherwise.

What are your guesses?

Borderlands 3

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