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Gearbox lets terminally ill fan try Borderlands 3 early

In fact, they've even gone the extra mile by delivering some merchandise and letting him name a gun in the game.

Last month we reported that Total War: Three Kingdoms developer Creative Assembly had let a fan with leukemia play the strategy game early before they passed away, and now we have another heartwarming story courtesy of Gearbox Software.

Over on the Borderlands Reddit page user taurustrev (real name Trevor Eastman) shared the story of his terminal diagnosis of stage four esophageal, stomach, and liver cancer, and he asked if anyone knew a way for him to play Borderlands 3 early.

This was one month ago, but it seems that Gearbox got the message, as Eastman returned to Reddit to reveal not only that Gearbox had given him a chance to play some of the game early, but they also let him name a gun and the red text underneath it. If you see the Compressing Trevonator in-game, then, you'll know who it's for. On top of that, Eastman also got some Borderlands merchandise alongside the visit.

Has this restored your faith in humanity?

Borderlands 3