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Gear Club Unlimited

Gear Club Unlimited's new trailer runs us through features

Including all the ways you can customise your vehicle.

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Microids and Eden Games have released a brand new trailer for their Nintendo Switch racer Gear Club Unlimited, showing off some brand new features. What's more is that we can expect the game on December 1 in Europe and November 21 for download in the US, with Gamestop having a temporary exclusive for the boxed version, only in the US and Canada.

The performance shop will be a big part of the game, as it's your personalised garage where you can customise and tune your vehicles. It can be furnished by players who can even changed the colour of the floor and walls too, so you can make sure it's your own home away from home.

There are also seven types of workshops to improve cars with, these being mechanical, tires, body, wind tunnel, rally, paint, and cosmetic, all of which adjust the relevant elements of your car in different ways.

We also got a bit more detail on multiplayer mode, as players can compete with up to four cars on the same console via split-screen, having access to the 32 cars available in the game, including customised ones from the campaign.

The new trailer down below gives you a taste of all of this, and make sure you check out our exclusive footage of the game too, also included below. Is this shaping up to be a really great racer for the Switch?

Gear Club Unlimited

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