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Garfield has already been modded into Stray

The lasagne-loving feline is now playable in BlueTwelve's adventure game.

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Following the success that BlueTwelve's feline adventure game Stray has seen ever since it originally launched, fans have been quick to get their hands on the title and to fiddle around with it. The latest mod comes from Chris Rubino, who has decided to work Garfield into the game, meaning now you can wander the fluorescent cyberpunk streets as the iconic orange and black-striped cat.

It should be known that the mod captures the likeness of the animated movie version of Garfield and not the cartoon version of the iconic cat, but this doesn't change the fact that you can clearly see that it's meant to be Garfield.

As for where you can find this mod, you can get your paws on it at NexusMods, assuming you do want to explore Stray's world as Garfield - for whatever reason.


Thanks, PC Gamer.

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