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Gamestop daycare is real, and it makes employees furious

Why should you take care of your kids, when you can just leave them to Gamestop for a while?

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Gamestop is dying, and has been doing so for years now. It's pretty likely, that these stores will not be here for very much longer, since people are usually getting their games either digitally or buying them online.

Some Gamestops are still in business, but people are not necessarily using them to buy games. So called "GameStop Daycare" is a thing, and it makes employees of Gamestop furious. In general, kids are interested in video games, and Gamestop is one of the last places where you can see them in action while wondering about in public. Now it seems that more and more parents are just dropping their kids to Gamestop, and then go to run some errands.

Kotaku got an email from an employee of Gamestop saying that using their store as a daycare service is not OK.

"Yeah, a lot of us are getting tired of parents thinking that they can basically just dump their kids into our care while they go shopping. Like, if you're going to leave your kid somewhere while you shop, then leave them at home with a babysitter. Your kids are not our problem. We already have enough to deal with."

For a while now employees of Gamestop have been pouring their hearts on Reddit about this subject, so yes: Gamestop daycare really is a thing now.

"Literally had a mom walk in [and] ask 'did they behave?' after leaving her kids here. But like for real? What the f*ck."

Maybe this could be a new business venture for Gamestop: offering daycare service for busy parents to watch their kids? Leave your comments below.

Gamestop daycare is real, and it makes employees furious

Thanks, Kotaku

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