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GameSir T4k Kaleid

A new budget controller has just hit the market, but is it worth the purchase?

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With the DualSense Edge, Xbox Elite, and plenty of other high-end controllers on the market nowadays, it can be easy to forget budget accessories. But, with GameSir's T4k Kaleid game controller, we see that controllers don't necessarily need to break the bank to give you a solid gaming experience.

Taking a look at its design, the GameSir T4k Kaleid's appearance is instantly going to attract some people, and perhaps put off a few others. It's sporting that interesting look that shows off the interior of the controller, making it feel as though you can see the device working as you're playing with it. Personally, I'm a fan of this sort of design, so I can only sing its praises on the GameSir T4k Kaleid. The RGB lighting that pops up whenever you've got the controller plugged in is nice, too. You can customise these lights either through the buttons on the controller or through the app you can download on the Windows Store.

Design-wise, there's not much else to discuss in terms of looks. The buttons are sleek and black, and I'd say the only thing knocking it down a peg is the simplistic plasticky look of its case, which isn't helped by the feel of most of the exterior of the controller, which comes across as rather basic. Then again, you're getting what you're paying for here, and for a budget controller there is a lot to like about the GameSir T4k Kaleid.

GameSir T4k Kaleid
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The feel of its grips on the back is great, and I can't see the controller slipping out of my hands no matter how much of a sweaty tryhard I try to be while holding it. The great feel carries over to the joysticks, triggers, and bumpers as well, which all have satisfying clicks and are great to press. I wish I could say the same for the face buttons, but strangely enough despite them often being the buttons you're pressing most while gaming, I couldn't help but feel as if they were going to suffer from wear and tear over long sessions of play. Again, you're not making a massive investment with the GameSir T4k Kaleid, but I couldn't shake the sense that the face buttons felt a bit flimsy.

Speaking of how the controller feels, it is also quite lightweight. This does help with motion controls if you use that on the Switch, if GameSir's website is to be believed, but like the design, this feels as if it's a feature that's going to come down to personal preference. Obviously, no one's asking for a 10 tonne controller, but a bit of heft often can feel good. I won't say that this makes the controller seem cheap, because that's one of the main selling points of it. This is an affordable controller that does give you a good amount of bang for your buck.

Alongside being able to control the flashy lights on the GameSir T4k Kaleid, you've got anti-drift technology on your joysticks, Hall Effect analog triggers, the ability to switch to hair-trigger mode, the aforementioned motion controls, and plenty more. You might notice that a lot of these features seem as if they're geared towards Nintendo Switch, and that would be a fair observation. You can only use the capture button when you're using the GameSir T4k Kaleid with a Switch, so it's possible there is an intended audience here, even with the controller being compatible with PCs and other consoles.

GameSir T4k Kaleid
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Overall, the GameSir T4k Kaleid is not the perfect budget controller, but you do get a lot of features and a solid accessory for the money you're going to spend on it. At £35, you shouldn't expect a DualSense Edge level of features and functionality, but the GameSir T4k Kaleid proves responsive enough and has a good enough design and feel to stand quite proudly among its competitors. If you're looking for an extra controller, and really don't want to spend the money for a normal Xbox or PS5 controller, or perhaps if you want a Switch accessory, the GameSir T4k Kaleid may be right for you.

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Solid feel to joysticks, bumpers, Great grips, Fun design
Awkward feel for the face buttons, too lightweight
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