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Gamescom 2014: Schedule of Events

From the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer reveal to Sony and Microsoft pressers, via the Metal Gear Solid V preview and more.

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There will be a bunch of major events, livestreams and activities during Gamescom next week so we thought we'd list them all in one handy guide so you know what to expect. Most if not all the live events can be seen on the Gamereactor Live page - and we'll also livestream impressions from Cologne starting Tuesday along with the usual mix of written previews and video interviews.

Monday, Aug 11

It's normally a slow start to the Gamescom week in Cologne as GDC Europe opens up in a small closed-off section of the Koelnmesse. But this year Activision have chosen to kick off festivities early by revealing the multiplayer portion of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at a dedicated event. We're told to expect "big announcements and plenty of details".

18:00 (BST) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Reveal Event

Gamescom 2014: Schedule of Events

Tuesday, Aug 12

Traditionally the "big" press conference day at Gamescom, but this year there are really only two major press events - Microsoft and Sony. It's the second day of GDC Europe and the alternative Respawn Gathering of Game Developers kicks off nearby with the intent to "create a relaxed and unconstrained forum where game developers, trade visitors and students can connect and exchange ideas". Microsoft's press conference kicks off at 1pm (BST) and is expected to last an hour, followed by hands-on with the Xbox One line-up for those in attendance. Sony's presser is held in Staatenhaus next to the Koelnmesse and starts at 6pm (BST) - it's the same rather large facilities that have housed the event the last couple of years.

13:00 (BST) Microsoft Press Conference

18:00 (BST) Sony Press Conference

Gamescom 2014: Schedule of Events

Wednesday, Aug 13

The first day Gamescom opens up its doors to trade and public (those with VIP tickets). It's the last day of both GDC Europe and Respawn, and as such focus shifts to the big event that spans a handful of giant halls plus an extensive business area. There's not nearly as many visitors as the other days, so there's still a good chance to get to play the most popular games without lining up for hours. EA will host their press event on the showfloor in their booth, there we will see more about the new game that Bioware have been cooking up. In the evening Konami are hosting a special preview event at the "Musical Dome" in Cologne where Hideo Kojima will showcase new gameplay from MGSV.

9:00 (BST) EA Press Conference

19:00 (BST) Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Preview Show

Gamescom 2014: Schedule of Events

Thursday, Aug 14

The first proper public day of Gamescom and the halls will soon fill with eager gamers looking to get some hands-on with the latest games, who'll likely end up spending most of their days in queues (be it for currywursts, pretzels or Far Cry 4). After the doors close Paradox Interactive are hosting a press conference on the ESL stage where a few new games will be announced.

20:00 (BST) Paradox Interactive Press Conference

Friday, Aug 15-Sunday, Aug 17

Friday is the last day the business center is open and most developers and industry people leave at this point. It's also the day when the expo moves into Cologne city center with music programmes combined with games in something called Gamescom City Festival. Saturday is typically the most crowded day at the show (even if all tickets are sold out for all four public days). But by then the Gamereactor staff will have vacated the city and flown back home.

Gamescom 2014: Schedule of Events

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