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Highlighted Video: (Livestream replays) Fallout 76: Survival Mode - Livestream Replay



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Fallout 76Score

Fallout 76

REVIEW. Written by Kieran Harris

"The concept of a fully online Fallout title seemed so very sweet in theory but Bethesda has made more than a few stumbles along the way."

Fallout 76 - Survival Mode Beta

Fallout 76 - Survival Mode Beta

PREVIEW. Written by Sam Bishop

We got stuck into the new way of playing Fallout 76, and found it had a lot more substance than simply adding some PvP to the experience.

Survival Mode lands in Fallout 76

Survival Mode lands in Fallout 76

NEWS. Written by Sam Bishop

With increased danger from your fellow players comes an XP boost, improved weekly challenges, and other tweaks as well.