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Games To Look For - November 2022

We take a look at what the penultimate month of 2022 has it store for gamers.

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We're pretty much onto the final hurdle of the year when it comes to game releases now, as while December usually has a few big titles to keep an eye out for, November is often regarded as the final month of the year for mass launches, as developers and publishers look to get a jump on the holidays. And with this being the case, this November is crammed with an array of exciting launches, so without further ado, let's kick off 2022's penultimate edition of Games to Look For.

The Chant (PC, PS5, Xbox Series) - November 3

Halloween may have passed by this point, but that isn't changing Brass Token's decision to debut the freaky horror action-adventure game The Chant. Taking place at a remote spiritual retreat, this single-player, third-person experience asks players to craft, fight, and evade the supernatural and psychedelic horrors that call the island home, following a botched ritual that opened a gate to a dimension filled with cosmic terrors.

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WRC Generations (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series) - November 3

We'll keep this one brief since KT Racing and Nacon decided to push WRC Generations out of its original October release window in favour of a simultaneous platform release this November. This title is bringing the era of hybrid model rally cars, as well as a broad selection of tracks, teams, and cars to crash and race through a variety of iconic locations.

Harvestella (PC, Switch) - November 4

Square Enix will be continuing its autumn portfolio with the life-simulation RPG, Harvestella. Set in a fantasy and magical world, this game sees players building up a house and farm plot, all while exploring the land and helping the residents of the nearby town with tasks and fighting back against the dangerous creatures that threaten their livelihood. Needless to say, there's a lot to indulge in, especially when factoring in the mystery at the core of the narrative that must be solved.

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Football Manager 2023 (PC, PS5, Xbox Series, Switch, iOS, Android) - November 8

Let's be clear right away: Football Manager 2023 is more of a broad term that encapsulates the many similar launches that all take place on November 8. Here, Sega and Sports Interactive will be debuting the PC edition known as Football Manager 2023, the console edition called Football Manager 2023 Console, the Switch and iPad instalment titled Football Manager 2023 Touch, and finally the wider iOS and Android edition regarded as Football Manager 2023 Mobile. Quite a handful indeed, but if you enjoy managing a football club, one of these should be right up your street.

Sonic Frontiers (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch) - November 8

Sega's iconic blue hedgehog hasn't exactly been the most compelling video game protagonist for quite some time now, but Sonic Team aims to correct that with the ambitious Sonic Frontiers. Bringing an Open Zone format that provides more exploration options, all alongside a new combat system, some returning 3D platforming sequences, all matched up with the series' signature ultra-fast movement, this is a title that is looking to redefine how we see Sonic the Hedgehog in a video game.

Games To Look For - November 2022Games To Look For - November 2022

God of War: Ragnarök (PS4, PS5) - November 9

Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of the year, Santa Monica Studios' God of War: Ragnarök picks up on the events of the 2018 instalment, and sees Kratos and Atreus facing down with a wrathful Asgard, including a terrifying Thor, who is scrambling to quash the looming threat of Ragnarök before its prophecy claims the famed and powerful realm. Taking the father and son duo across the Nine Realms, this game will introduce an array of interesting new characters, all while seeing various familiar faces returning to pick up where they left off.


Pentiment (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series) - November 15

Obsidian Entertainment has a mighty long list of projects currently on its plate, but the next to debut is the historical mystery narrative-driven adventure game, Pentiment. Set in 16th century Bavaria, the idea behind this title is to unravel a series of murders over a 25-year-period to discover just who committed the crime and deserves to face punishment. With countless choices and decisions to make, each of which will have an effect on the narrative, don't expect the truth to be an obvious one.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series) - November 16

We don't need to tell you what Call of Duty: Warzone is at this point. You're probably more than aware. But what is this 2.0 edition and why has it made it onto this instalment of GTLF? Well, that's because Activision is significantly upgrading the whole Warzone experience this month, by using new technology that powers the recently launched Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, on top of baking in better cross-progression support among Call of Duty titles, featuring Ricochet Anti-Cheat on day one, tweaked gameplay elements, plus a new map, new vehicles, weapons, shop interface, and more.

Games To Look For - November 2022

Goat Simulator 3 (PC, PS5, Xbox Series) - November 17

No, you aren't crazy. There was not a Goat Simulator 2, Coffee Stain has instead decided to jump straight to Goat Simulator 3. And with such a leap forward, in this follow-up to the massively popular title, we can expect a truly wacky and outright bizarre sandbox experience that allows players to indulge in their ultimate fantasy of being an indestructible and thoroughly irritating goat menace.

The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series) - November 18

The next instalment into Supermassive Games' The Dark Pictures Anthology sees a new group of individuals put on centre stage and facing the horrors of a house that is regarded as a modern-day replica of serial killer H.H. Holmes' infamous Murder Castle. With plenty of jump scares and frightening encounters promised, this title aims to be the big horror video game of November 2022.


Pokémon Scarlet/Violet (Switch) - November 18

While God of War: Ragnarök will likely be November's best chance at acclaim and awards, Pokémon Scarlet/Violet will no doubt be the best-selling title of the month, and perhaps even the best-selling Switch game of the entire year. Why? Because this will be bringing the next major new generation for Pokémon games, including an all-new region, a collection of new pocket monsters, and a changed gameplay formula that offers open world options and even new ways to explore. If you're a fan of the iconic franchise, no doubt you've been keeping an eye on this one.


Evil West (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series) - November 22

The Wild West is overcome with a scourge. Not a scourge of bandits or outlaws, but bloodthirsty vampires who want nothing more than to feed and multiply on the unfortunate humans that call the harsh frontier their home. In Evil West 2, you take up the mantle of a Wild West superhero of sorts, who has come to the region to rid it of its unwanted, undead tenants, all with the help of a collection of firearms, weapons, and even a lightning-enabled gauntlet to literally shock vampires to their core.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide (PC) - November 30

First things first, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is still coming to Xbox Series consoles as well, but at a slightly later and currently unknown date when compared to the PC edition that arrives in November. This take on the iconic universe by Vermintide developer Fatshark sees players heading into the hive city of Tertium, to face and eliminate the growing threats that exist below the surface of the dystopian world. With a first-person shooter gameplay focus, this title boasts an array of character archetypes and classes, as well as a ton of weapon types to use and master.


That about does it once again. As usual, be sure to drop by in a month's time to see what the last edition of Games To Look For this year has in store.

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