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Games To Look For - March 2022

We take a look at the biggest and most exciting games launching over the course of the next month.

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Even though we're coming off a pretty packed February, March 2022 is looking to be another month crammed with a variety of interesting and exciting new video games. With each spread out over the course of the next few weeks, we have anticipated platformers, shooter spinoffs, long-awaited racers, and a few different adorable and eye-catching indies to boot. With all of this to look forward to, let's kick off this month's Games To Look For.


Shadow Warrior 3 - March 1 (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

After previously releasing an ancient dragon from its eternal prison, shogun Lo Wang and his now sidekick Orochi Zilla will be heading out on an improbable and highly dangerous mission to recapture the magical beast in the third instalment in the Shadow Warrior series. This title, known simply as Shadow Warrior 3 is bringing back the series' iconic fast-paced melee and shooter gameplay, for another action-packed adventure in a neo-feudal Japan, filled with all kinds of deadly and abhorrent creatures.

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Babylon's Fall - March 3 (PC, PS4, PS5)

For the most part, PlatinumGames are known for their single player action-RPGs, which is what makes Babylon's Fall so unique. This fantasy game tasks a team of up to four players to conquer the Tower of Babel, a colossal structure filled with vicious and deadly creatures, all of which are protecting all manners of fabled treasures. Unlike the studio's former games, Babylon's Fall is set to feature live service elements that aim to keep the game interesting and entertaining long after launch.

Gran Turismo 7 - March 4 (PS4, PS5)

Even though Sony Interactive Entertainment only just launched one of its most anticipated games of the entire year, with Horizon Forbidden West, the publisher has another long-awaited game coming up: Polyphony Digital's racing title, Gran Turismo 7. Set to be a mainline instalment into the series, this game is bringing back the signature simulation-racing gameplay and tasks players with putting pedal to the metal on a variety of courses and tracks using a huge list of different cars.

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Games To Look For - March 2022
Games To Look For - March 2022Games To Look For - March 2022Games To Look For - March 2022

Triangle Strategy - March 4 (Nintendo Switch)

Coming from the same team who delivered the critically-acclaimed Octopath Traveler, Triangle Strategy is the latest tactical RPG from Square Enix. Revolving around three key nations that are involved in a conflict with one another, this game asks the player to make all kinds of unique decisions and choices that affect and change the outcome of the grander story at the core. Using a similar HD-2D visual art style that combines 3D environments with pixel, sprite-like characters, Triangle Strategy is looking to be one of the top titles on the Nintendo Switch this month.

WWE 2K22 - March 11 (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series)

While the series took a bit of a hiatus last year following the disastrous release of WWE 2K20, the fighting franchise is back this year, with an all-new instalment that aims to right the wrongs of the previous title. WWE 2K22 is this very game, and features all the iconic trappings of the series, as well as various new additions, including a redesigned gameplay engine, all-new game modes, improved graphics, and even a mode that takes us through the biggest moments in cover star, Rey Mysterio's career in the 2K Showcase.

GTA V - March 15 (PS5/Xbox Series)

Yes, it's 2022 and we're still talking about Grand Theft Auto V, but this will remain the case assuming its player base continues to soar and Rockstar keeps updating the game with fresh content and experiences. For the most part, this is done through Grand Theft Auto Online, but this March, new-gen console owners will get a chance to experience the game on their respective platforms natively, thanks to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series edition that is finally seeing the light of day.


Tunic - March 16 (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series)

If there was one game to really deserve being described as adorable it would be Tunic. This action-adventure title from Andrew Shouldice follows a small fox who embarks on a grand quest to unravel the long-lost secrets of the mysterious island it finds itself stranded upon. With an art style akin to that of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and Death's Door, this cutesy adventure promises plenty of boss fights, varied exploration, and tons of lore to collect.

The Settlers - March 17 (PC)

You might remember or be familiar with The Settlers, as this is one of the oldest and most iconic franchises in gaming history. But, over the past few years, it's really faded into the woodworks. Ubisoft has been in the process of developing a new iteration in the series, a game that was announced back in 2018 and was pushed and pushed to the point where it was easy to forget it was coming at all. But, it is, and soon for that matter, and will be serving up the series' traditional strategy gameplay, seeing conflicting factions tussle with one another for control of a newly discovered plot of land.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin - March 18 (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series)

Koei Tecmo is lending its expertise of fast-paced melee combat gameplay to the world of Final Fantasy with the upcoming spinoff game, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. Designed as a hardcore action-RPG, this game sees players suit up as Jack as he navigates all kinds of challenges and foes on the quest to bring the light of the crystals back to the darkness-ruled land of Cornelia.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - March 25 (Switch)

It's been a while since we last got a standalone Kirby game, which is what makes Kirby and the Forgotten Land all the more exciting. Set to be the loveable pink puffball's first full 3D adventure game, this colourful and vibrant Nintendo Switch exclusive will see the iconic character exploring a new land filled with all manners of abandoned structures and challenging foes, and even includes a new mechanic called Transmorphosis that allows Kirby to interact with the world in strange new ways, such as by becoming a car.

Games To Look For - March 2022
Games To Look For - March 2022Games To Look For - March 2022

Ghostwire: Tokyo - March 25 (PC, PS5)

March 25 is one behemoth of a day for AAA game launches. We've already talked about Kirby and will get onto Wonderlands very soon, but sandwiched in between is Tango Gameworks' supernatural action title Ghostwire: Tokyo. This game asks players to unravel the mystery of Tokyo's disappearing population by exploring the streets, defeating creepy ghoulish foes, and by solving spectral cases and problems.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - March 25 (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series)

Despite having a bunch of elements that makes it familiar to the mainline Borderlands games, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is a spinoff game through and through. Featuring a design that is similar to the expansion, Assault on Dragon Keep, this title combines the core looter-shooter aspects of the series with magical and fantasy mechanics, which allow players to chew through the hordes of aggressive enemies using an armada of bizarre and powerful firearms, or rather spells and all kinds of new abilities.

And there we have it, another month in the books. While there are plenty of exciting titles to dive into over the course of the next few weeks, don't forget to return in a month's time when we'll check out what April 2022 has in store for us.

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