Gamereactor's great gift Guide for the modern technophile

We sat down and pulled together a list of fantastic gifts for tech and gaming lovers, each costing less than £50.

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The holidays are coming, which means it's that time of the year again when we all have to rack our brains for the perfect gifts for our family and friends. We at Gamereactor sat down and mulled over some ideas about what you can pick up as reasonably priced gifts or stocking fillers. Whether that's gaming related or with a larger tech focus, hopefully we can assist your efforts in this busy Christmas period.

Game and Watch: Super Mario Bros.

First on the list is a great new product coming from the team at Nintendo. Designed to celebrate Mario's 35th Anniversary, Game and Watch: Super Mario Bros. takes the iconic platform that started it all off, and brings it to the modern day without losing its retro feeling. This platform was the first console developed by Nintendo, over 40 years ago, and this new edition celebrates that history with a special golden version of the system, featuring Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Ball (Mario version), and a digital clock. Finding stock for this neat new product can be tight, so be sure to grab one if you get the chance at a local retailer for £44.99.

Gamereactor's great gift Guide for the modern technophile
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Razer Kraken X - Black Gaming Headset

There's no other way to say it: videogames are best enjoyed with a headset. Fortunately, Razer has designed a solid wired headset at a competitive price that works with current generation and next-generation consoles. Known as the Razer Kraken X, the headset features a bendable microphone, easy-to-change audio control and only weighs 250g - so needless to say, it's pretty comfortable. The best part is that you can get one in either black or Razer Mercury (white), and they can be picked up for £49.99 from the Razer store. Need we say anymore.

Gamereactor's great gift Guide for the modern technophile

LEGO Super Mario

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It's been a few months since LEGO dropped its Super Mario line and that means it's a great opportunity to bolster your collection with a handy expansion set before the new batches release in January 2021. For £50, you can pick up the Desert Pokey expansion set, the Whomp's Lava Trouble expansion set, and a Mario Power-Up Pack, for a whole host of great Mario experiences. Likewise you can swap any of these sets out for a variety of others, so be sure to head to the LEGO store to see what tickles your fancy.

Gamereactor's great gift Guide for the modern technophile

PS5 Media Remote

The PS5 has launched worldwide, which means that the next-generation of gaming is here to stay. There are a whole bunch of unique accessories great for elevating how you experience the PlayStation 5, but one that can turn this system into a great entertainment platform is the Media Remote. Featuring buttons designated to your favourite streaming apps, a microphone and seamless integration with your device, the Media Remote is a great gift for someone who managed to get hold of a PS5 this year. You can find one at your local retailer for £24.99.

Gamereactor's great gift Guide for the modern technophile

Deluxe Hard Carrying Case Bag for Nintendo Switch

As far as Nintendo Switch carrying cases go, there are millions of third-party ones you can choose from. However, the dedicated Switch gamer will be remiss to ignore this one, as it will hold all of the Switch gear you have and will ever need. The Deluxe Hard Carrying Case Bag for Nintendo Switch by Deruitu, offers spots to store your device, the dock, a Pro Controller, cables, plenty of games, and even your Pokéball Plus. This really is an ideal gift for the avid Nintendo fan, and you can nab it on Amazon for £22.99.

Gamereactor's great gift Guide for the modern technophile

Google Nest Mini

Smart speakers are becoming all the more common these days, and Google happens to offer some of the best. One of the latest of the bunch coming out of the Californian tech titan is the Nest Mini, which offers great sound quality with a handy Google Assistant AI. Set in a small package, the Nest Mini comes in a variety of colours and can even be wall mounted to free up space on your tabletops. Sitting at a £49 price tag from Google's own store, this handy gadget is great as an Xmas gift for tech fans who already use other Google hardware or software.

Gamereactor's great gift Guide for the modern technophile

SanDisk Ultra 128GB MicroSD card

If you know someone who has just jumped on the Nintendo Switch train, then an ideal gift for you to get them is a MicroSD card. The SanDisk Ultra 128GB MicroSD card will allow them to store whatever games they want on their device, without ever having to worry about available space, which quickly becomes a problem due to the Switch's limited internal storage. Picking up one of these MicroSD cards up off Amazon for £16.49 will change their Switch experience immeasurably, and it can also be used for a variety of other pieces of technology as well. What a deal!

Gamereactor's great gift Guide for the modern technophile

Xbox Series X Rechargeable Battery Pack & Cable Set

The new generation of Xbox consoles are here finally, and whilst you get all you need to start playing in the box, there's no better way to experience controller gaming than with a handy rechargeable battery pack and cable kit. The official Xbox Series X set contains a rechargeable battery that can be fully charged in four hours, even whilst playing, provided you also have the included cable connected. This set can be picked up at a local retailer, costing £19.99, making a great Xmas gift for a lucky new console owner.

Gamereactor's great gift Guide for the modern technophile

AUKEY Webcam

We're still crawling out of a month-long lockdown again: a period of time where we once again couldn't see friends or family and have to work from home. One piece of technology of which is ideal for everyone is a great, trusty webcam that captures good quality video at a reasonable price. The AUKEY Webcam off Amazon retails for £39.99 and brings 1080p HD capture for Windows, Mac and Android. With this handy gadget gone are the days of fuzzy videos, meaning your family, friends and work colleagues will be able to see you in sparkling high definition.

Gamereactor's great gift Guide for the modern technophile

Wired Xbox controller

This one might seem a little strange to mention, but official controllers these days can be expensive. Considering usually only one comes with a console, the ability to play local co-op on those lazy Christmas days is often cut short by limited game pads. A simple solution is to pick up a wired third-party controller from your local retailer, as they often can be acquired for around £20 in a variety of designs and colours, and are all great for keeping the family entertained while the turkey roasts.

Gamereactor's great gift Guide for the modern technophile

Videogame-themed Xmas sweaters

For our final entry, we've saved our favourite for last, because it isn't Christmas without an over-the-top sweater. Now, Merchoid is offering a whole variety of videogame themed Xmas jumpers for you to show off your love of gaming this holiday period. Whether that means rocking a Ghosts of Christmas Past Pac-Man styled sweater, or a very, very green Xbox themed one, the choice is entirely up to. But, the best part is that you can get any of these for under £50, and they are all made to the highest quality - that's a Merchoid promise.

Gamereactor's great gift Guide for the modern technophileGamereactor's great gift Guide for the modern technophile

With the end of the calendar year just around the corner, be sure to check back later when we unveil Gamereactor's Games of the Year across the holiday period.

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